The Marxisms collective emerged in 2011 to grapple with, discuss, and organize around key problems and debates within the marxian tradition (broadly conceived). Among others, the group has organized talks and discussions with  Silvia Federici, Kathi Weeks, Jacques Rancière, Colectivo Situaciones, Chris Chen, Cindy Milstein, Peter Linebaugh, Katherine Gibson, Dawn Paley, Gary Wilder, Christina Heatherton, Raquel Gutierrez Aguilar, Jason W. Moore, Sara Farris, Peter D. Thomas and Vittorio Morfino.

In the past, we have run reading groups of Marx’s Capital and the Grundrisse, the Black Radical Tradition, Queer marxism, Marxist feminism, zapatismo, as well as plural temporalities in the marxian tradition.

Although the Marxisms collective is run out of the University of Michigan as a Rackham Graduate School Interdisciplinary Workshop  everyone is welcome to join. If you are interested in joining the collective’s reading groups please send an e-mail to: alejo at umich dot edu.