2015-2016 year

Events for Fall 2015-6

1. Capital Vol 2 reading group. (please contact alejo@umich.edu)

2. October 23 and 24: With the newly formed Ayotzinapa/Violence working group, visit from Dawn Paley author of the recent Drug War Capitalism (2015)

3. November 12: Amanda Armstrong, an important scholar in the emerging field of critical university studies, is joining the Society of Fellows this year. We are organizing a conversation on her work.

4. Dates TBA, skype conversations with Latin American feminists: Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar and Maria Galindo.

Events for Winter 2015-6

1. With the Borderstudies working group, we are bringing noted Marxist Feminist political economist Katherine Gibson. This event is tentatively scheduled for April 2016.

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